『台北詠春拳』學員守則 “Taipei Wing Chun” School Codes

香港詠春體育會之詠春祖訓   Ving Tsun Athletic Association Codes
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1. 尊重師門,同學及自重。

2. 一山還比一山高,保持謙虛態度且不公開道其他門派長短(尤其是在網路上)。

3. 勤練不懈。

4. 練拳時需要小心同學和自身的安全。

5. 所學之詠春拳只應用於對的地方如防身與保護親人。戒用於非法的行為或逞兇鬥狠。

6. 學員彼此之間除了互相尊重之外並應該共同保持一個和諧的訓練環境。

7. 每一個剛加入的新生都有三個月的試練期,只有通過試練期之後才可以成為本校的正式學生。

8. 當學員連續缺課兩個月將自動喪失其學員身份; 即是此人不再為本校的一員。任何前學員想要回來練習必須重新向教練申請入學許可。教練會逐案評估情況決定核準與否。

9. 當有學員違反以上守則,情節嚴重者將馬上被退學及/或永不許復學。

I am wondering how many Wing Chun/Ving Tsun practitioners in Taiwan have read above Ving Tsun Athletic Association Codes, a.k.a, Ip Man Codes of Conduct before.  I bet majority of them haven't even heard of it.  Some say the Ving Tsun Athletic Association Codes, a.k.a, Ip Man Codes of Conduct were passed down by Grandmaster himself.  But, I also heard the Codes were written by one of Ip Man’s good friends who was really good at writing.  I know some Wing Chun schools in the U.S. have their students memorize the English version of the Codes and some even have a test on it.  I don’t know how many of those Wing Chun practitioners really agree with and abide the Codes.  However, for nothing else, it is not a bad thing for practitioners of Wing Chun to have a taste of the Chinese culture.  We here at “Taipei Wing Chun” also has a set of codes; although we don’t require students to memorize them nor do we have a quiz, that our students need to abide to.  The original idea to have a set of our own codes was to make sure we have a good learning and practicing environment for our student.  It also reflects our value system.  For people who are thinking of joining our Wing Chun class, please read the codes first to see whether you agree or not before making any inquires.  This would save precious time for all of us.  I am not young any more and my health is not as good as before, therefore my attitude of choosing the right students has become more cautious and selective.  I want to focus my time and energy on the right students.

“Taipei Wing Chun” School Codes

1. Be respectful to the school, classmates and yourselves.

2. Train hard.

3. Watch out for your classmates' and your own safety during training.

4. Only use your Wing Chun for the right purposes such as self-defense and protecting loved ones.   Abstain from using the Art in pointless fights or unlawful conducts.

5. There would always be someone better, so be humble and not to publically talk bad things about other schools or styles; especially on Internet.  

6. Students should respect each other and to maintain a harmonious training environment together.

7. When a new person joins the school, there is 3-month probation period, only when this new person passes the probation he or she can become a student of the school.

8. Students who miss classes continuously for over two months will loss his or her student status automatically, i.e., this person will not longer be a member of the School.  Any former students who want to re-join the class will have to re-apply for admission.  Coach will evaluate case by case to approve or disapprove the application.

9. In the event of a serious violation of above Codes, the student will be expelled immediately and/or will never be allowed to return the School.

台北詠春拳教學/課程 Wing Chun Class

「有燈就有人」- 詠春拳教學When the lantern is lit, people will come

【傳承】『台北詠春拳』認可的教練名單 List of Coaches of "Taipei Wing Chun"


  1. 我看,葉問的詠春祖訓跟基督教的十誡在某些地方有點兒過時,不過還是合乎人類的一般感受。因此,為甚麼不讓詠春拳徒弟背當地語言版本的祖訓呢?很高興在此能看到的中文版本好像是佛山的葉問堂石碑上的原文。在西方,很多詠春拳舘蠻得意地發布詠春祖訓的中文版或中英、中德、中法文等版本。不過,這些在國外非常普遍流傳的版本在中文部分大多有點奇怪。我猜想,該版本的創作者是看錯或誤會了某些漢字的西方人。最能夠鞏固我的理論是第九行:「繼先續謹持組訓」在西方普遍流傳的版本裡變成了「繼光續漢持組訓」。光緒是溥儀之前倒數第二清朝皇帝,漢持更不成意。

    I think that Ip Man's Wing Chun Code of Conduct such as the Ten Commandments of Christianity may be outdated here and there, netherless most of the rules match human commmon sense. So why not let the Wing Chun students learn the rules in their own language. I'm very happy to see a Chinese version of the Code of Conduct which seems to be the same as the original engraved on a stone tablet in the Ip Man Memorial Hall in Foshan. In the west, a lot of Wing Chun schools are proud to present a Chinese English oder Chinese German, Chinese French... version with some strange Chinese wording. My guess is that the initiator of this very widespread western Chinese version has misread or misinterpreted some of the charancters. Best example for my theory is the last line: The Chinese text seen above says: "Carry on the ancestral heritage, take care to hold up or maintain the teachings of the elders." The widespread western Chinese version says: "Carry or continue Emperor Guangxu, Han (Chinese) hold or maintain the teachings of the elders."


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