梅威瑟 vs. 天心 Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa

比賽宣傳短片Event Promo Video
日本的Rizin Fighting Federation今日剛剛宣布一場令人震驚的佛洛伊德·梅威瑟(Floyd Mayweather Jr.)與那須川天心(Tenshin Nasukawa) 的比賽。這場比賽訂於今年12月31日舉行。梅威瑟有50場拳擊比賽不敗紀錄。而天心有27場自由搏擊和4場綜合格鬥比賽不敗紀錄。比賽的規則和體重級別尚未確定。格鬥運動靠著創新和科學方法不斷地進步和發展。是否有傳統武術可多多借鏡的地方?
Rizin Fighting Federation of Japan just announced a shocking fight yesterday between Floyd Mayweather Jr. (50-0) and Tenshin Nasukawa (27-0 inkickboxing and 4-0 in MMA) on December 31 this year.  The rules and weight have yet to be decided.  The combat sport keeps evolving with creative ideas and scientific methods.Any things that the traditional martial arts can learn from?

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擋不住的夢想 Unstoppable Dreams

ONE冠軍賽金腰帶。得到它是許多格鬥選手的夢想。 ONE Championship Belt.Getting it is many combat athletes’ dream.

相當壯觀的比賽陣容 A stacked fight card

新加坡郵局也可以買到ONE的票。I bought my ticket at the SingPost.

ONE Championship比賽現場 A picture taken that night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Sam-A教練冠軍賽精采片段Sam-A’s ONE Championship Highlights

賽前至賽後紀錄短片 Sights And Sounds | Sam-A vs. Wielzen

Sam-A教練和他最新的冠軍腰帶。 Coach Sam-A with his new belt.

昔日擂台上的對手。國際格鬥超級巨星雅桑克萊(右)賽前到Evolve MMA作訓練後和Orono

我在Evolve MMA的教練 - II My Coaches at Evolve MMA - II

在Evolve MMA,他們有很多泰拳,巴西柔術(BJJ)和綜合格鬥(MMA) 世界冠軍級教練。並且隨著Evolve MMA持續擴大,這樣堅強的師資陣容也不斷在增長。感覺能這裡學習真是幸福。每天在一邊可以看到泰拳世界冠軍在教拳,而且在另一邊可以看到巴西柔術世界冠軍在上課。然後,在轉角可能遇到了的綜合格鬥世界冠軍。更不用說它的世界一流的設施。(見以下照片)今年當我在那裡訓練時,除了和之前的幾位教練之我很幸運能夠和下面的四位教練學習。此外,除了站立技(泰拳和綜合格鬥)之外,這次我也花了較多時間在巴西柔術的學習上。
They are so many Muay Thai, BJJ and MMA champions at Evolve MMA and as it keeps expanding the number of world class instructors just keep growing as well.  The students here are really lucky. On one side, you could see Muay Thai world champions teaching a class and on the the other side you could see a BJJ world champion teaching a class.  And, then you might run into a MMA world champion in the corner.  Not to mention its top notch facilities. (see pictures below)  This year, when I was training there, besides learning from several of my old coaches, I had the pleasure of training with following instructors.  Besides stand-up fighting, this time I spent more time on the BJJ training.

Aekpracha Meenayothin Aekpracha (也拼寫為Aikpracha) 教…