學海無涯– Evolve MMA Endless Learning – Evolve MMA

Evolve MMA共有三個訓練場地。這兩張照片都在Far East Square場地。
Evolve MMA has three convenient locations.  These two photos were taken at the Far East Square location.

Photos with my coaches after private lessons

泰拳教練們: Orono, Nong-O, Yoddecha
Muay Thai coaches: Orono, Nong-O, Yoddecha

泰拳教練們: Sam-A, Pakorn
Muay Thai coaches: Sam-A, Pakorn

綜合格鬥和拳擊教練們:Heath, Dejdamrong, Pongsaklek
MMA and Boxing Coaches: Heath, Dejdamrong, Pongsaklek

巴西柔術教練們: Teco, Almiro, Rick  
BJJ Coaches: Teco, Almiro, Rick  

學海無涯 Evolve MMA

有時透過走出自己熟悉的領域去接受新事物的挑戰實際上會幫助你成長。另外,可以學從不同的角度觀看自己熟悉的領域也可能會有新的領悟或者新發現。因此,我總是鼓勵資深學生去嘗試學習至少另一派武術; 即使只是短期的。相信這樣會幫助他們的詠春拳和武術整體的發展。此外,我總是提醒學生,無論他們認為他們在他們的武術之旅已經走了多遠或者他們覺得他們已經練得不錯,都要保持謙虛和開放的心態。我們生活在這個追求速成的文化和在充滿所謂的「大師」和「傳說」 的傳統武術圈,人們很容易忽略掉要腳踏實地或常與現實脫離。事實上世界是如此之大,如果走得足夠遠、夠長,會發現自己真的很渺小而且要學習的東西實在太多了。

順便一提,我最喜歡看的兩個格鬥運動是泰拳和MMA (綜合格鬥),因為它們允許使用拳、腳、肘擊和膝擊。在去年年底和今年年初,我終於有兩次機會以身作則到新加坡的Evolve MMA作學習。我選擇去那裡的原因是它泰拳教練陣容很可能是世界上最強大的。另一個原因是它被好幾個媒體評為亞洲第一的綜合格鬥學院。除了泰拳,它的MMA、巴西柔術、拳擊和角力教練是在世界上一流。學習武術的過程我總是竭盡所能到處找最好的教練或師父。只要我能力範圍之內,我知道這一切最後都是值得的。所以雖然遠在新加坡,我仍然決定去那裡學習。老實說我所擔心的是我的年齡和健康狀況不允許我接受密集的激烈訓練。訓練過程的確是很辛苦的,靠著毅力最終還是能堅持到底完成了我的學習。我很滿意我的訓練感覺收穫滿滿。在Evolve MMA,我主要是上一對一的私人泰拳教學訓練課程。 我感覺很榮幸有這些世界冠軍帶我的作拳靶訓練、幫我糾正我的招式的動作和練自由對打。特別是,能夠與他們中的幾個合併超過1500場職業比賽的教練們做自由對打的練習是真的十分寶貴。雖然這些教練在泰拳圈被視為是「傳奇人物」或者是「超級巨星」。在擂台上時叱咤風雲、個個勇猛彪悍,教拳時他們是非常和藹可親的好教練。但他們教拳時對學生的要求可是一點也不馬虎。和這些世界冠軍學拳的的另一個好處是他們的比賽影片很容易在網路上找到,所以可以看到他們本身如何在擂台應用他們上課時教我的泰拳招式。除泰拳之外,趁着Evolve MMA提供多元而豐富的課程,所以我也上了一些綜合格鬥(MMA) 、巴西柔術和拳擊的課。感謝我所有的教練的細心指導。此外,也要感謝Evolve MMA聚集這樣世界一流的教練團隊。我在Evolve MMA的經驗,讓我更加確信我在武術的訓練上要向更務實及更全面的大方向邁前。想要和世界冠軍學習武術或格鬥運動的朋友,如果有機會待在新加坡一段時間,建議去Evolve MMA看看。

想得到有關Evolve MMA及其教練們的更多資訊,請造訪以下網站: https://evolve-mma.com/ https://evolve-vacation.com/

Endless Learning – Evolve MMA

Sometimes by stepping outside of our comfort zone to take on new challenges would help us grow.  Also, we would learn to view things from a different angle and gain new appreciation for them.  So, I have always encouraged my senior students to go to try at least another martial art; no matter it is only for a short-term or long-term.  I believe this way would help their overall martial art development.  Additionally, I always remind my students to remain humble no matter how far they think they have reached in their martial art journey or they feel pretty good about their skill.  In this fast-food culture that we live in and a traditional martial art world that is full of “Grandmasters” and “Masters”, people are easily lose grounding or lose touch with reality.  In fact, the world is so big, if we walk far enough and long enough, we would find ourselves are really small.  Stay humble and stay thirsty to learn.   

On a side note, two of my most favorite combat sports to watch are Muay Thai and MMA, because they allow to use punching, kicking, elbow strike and knee strike.  At the end of last year and beginning of this year, finally I had two opportunities setting an example to learn at Evolve MMA in Singapore.  The reason that I chose to go there is its Muay Thai coach line-up could very well be the best in world. The other reason is Evolve MMA was named by several media (CNN, ESPN…) as the number one MMA gym in Asia; besides Muay Thai, its coaches for MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing and wrestling are all top-notched in the world.  Although it is in Singapore, I still thought it would suit my needs the best.  Honestly speaking, I was worried that my age and health condition (Scoliosis and knee problem) would not allow me to stand the intense training.  With perseverance, I was able to tough it out and completed my rigorous training.  I learned so much and was very satisfied with my training.  On my two trips to Singapore, I mainly spent my time training Muay Thai with the world champions by 1-on-1 private sessions.  I feel privileged to have these champions help me with pad works, correct my techniques and do sparring.  These coaches are considered as “legends” or “superstars” in the Muay Thai circle.  Especially, to be able to do sparring with these instructors with combined of close to 1,500 professional fights was indeed priceless.  Although these coaches were fearless and relentless fighters in the ring, they are very nice and kind coaches.  This is not to say they are not strict on their teachings.  One more benefit of training under these world champions is their fight videos are easily found on the internet, so I could see how they had applied what they taught me in the ring themselves.  Besides Muay Thai, I had to take advantage of the broad spectrum of classes that are offered by the Gym, so I took some classes in MMA, BJJ and boxing.

Thanks to all my coaches for their great teaching.  Also, thanks to Evolve MMA for assembling such a top-notch instructor team.  For those who want to learn martial arts from world champions, if you have a chance to stay in Singapore for a period of time, you should go to check out Evolve MMA.

For more information on Evolve MMA and its instructors, please visit following websites: https://evolve-mma.com/ or https://evolve-vacation.com/