從完美「組合」到完美結局 From Perfect Combo to Perfect Ending

Sam-A is a very well-know Muay Thai champion most notable for his lighting fast kicks
照片來源Picture credit: Rob Cox & Muay Thai 2000

分析Sam-A教練漂亮組合影片 “Sam-A: Beautiful Combination Finish”

Rumor has it that these two Muay Thai legends are going to fight in December
照片來源Picture credit: Muay Thai Citizen 

「如果說我看得比別人更遠些,那是因為我站在巨人的肩膀上。」- 牛頓

習武多年的我如果算能掌握了一點武術技能和知識,那麼就是因為我很幸運能和許多武術界的「巨人」學習。 Sam-A教練就是其中之一。Sam-A是我亦師亦友的泰拳教練。如果你喜歡泰拳或自由搏擊,但你不知道Sam-A是誰,你應該試著去認識了解他。Sam-A教練他是多次泰拳世界冠軍和「年度最佳泰拳選手」 得主。Sam-A教練和Saenchai (善猜) 、Buakaw (播求) 、 Yodsanklai Fairtex (雅桑克萊) 等同樣名列《你應該知道的前十大泰拳選手》(“Top 10 Muay Thai Fighters You Should Know”, 注1)。他也曾被列於《當今泰國前十名泰拳選手》(“TOP 10 MUAY THAI FIGHTERS IN THAILAND TODAY”, 注1)。

泰拳給人的傳統印象是具有驚人的破壞力量。但不像從泰拳演變出來的Dutch Kickboxing(荷蘭式踢拳)那麼強調組合拳,而是比較多一拳一腳的重拳重腳。當我們看到泰拳比賽,或者搏擊比賽,的組合時大多數有兩個或三個動作。Sam-A教練的職業生涯中打過許多精彩的比賽。有一場比賽給我留下最深刻的印象。(注2)Sam-A教練在這場比賽中所做的組合有拳、腳、膝擊十三個連續動作攻擊對手身體上、中、下的不同部位導致了最終對手的KO(擊倒)。也許我有點偏見,我看過不算少的泰拳和自由搏擊比賽,我從來沒有見過這樣精彩的組合拳。(注3)教練Sam-A毫不費力地行雲流水般完成這個漂亮的13個動作組合。我已經看了很多次了,每次都會讓我驚嘆不已。國際知名武術/格鬥運動分析師Lawrence Kenshin特別製作了一個影片來分析這個組合。(上面附的影片)

今年年初和Sam-A教練學習泰拳時,我們有談到了他的退役賽。今年十月時,網路有傳言說Sam-A教練將要在十二月底與Saenchai (善猜)打他的退役賽。 兩位各打過300多場比賽的泰拳拳王終於將有機會一決高下的傳聞讓許多拳迷相當興奮。 然而,事後證明這是一個誤傳。原來是他們屬於兩個不同的量級; Sam-A是125磅級而Saenchai卻是135磅級。然而他們確實將在同一天出場與不同的對手打雙壓軸賽。 我希望教練Sam-A在十二月底退役前最後一戰再次打出一場精彩的比賽來為他輝煌的職業生涯畫上完美句點。

注1.      Top 10 Muay Thai Fighters You Should Know(你應該知道的前十大泰拳拳王選手) & TOP 10 MUAY THAI FIGHTERS IN THAILAND TODAY(當今泰國前十名泰拳選手)

注2.      這場完整比賽的鏈接。https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVtPZMEAxCo&t=2s

注3.      在我心中第一名組拳合絕對是非Sam-A教練組的合莫屬。另一個很漂亮組合是有「土耳其泰森」之稱的Gokhan Saki的組合。以下是分析該組合影片的鏈接。

"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." - Isaac Newton

If I have gained some skills and knowledge after all these years in training martial arts is all because many “giants” that I was lucky to train under.  Coach Sam-A is certainly one of these "giants."  Sam-A is not only my Muay Thai teacher.  He is also a friend.  I miss the happy time training with him. Sam-A is a multiple world Muay Thai champion and “Fighter of the Year” award winner.  If you like Muay Thai or Kickboxing and you don’t know Sam-A, you should. (Note 1)

Unlike Dutch Kickboxing which was modified from Muay Thai and emphasized combo more, the impression we have of Muay Thai is one punch or one kick at a time with devastating power.  When we do see combos thrown in Muay Thai, or Kickboxing for that matter, most combo have two or three movements.  Coach Sam-A had over 300 fights in his career.  One fight that I saw impressed me that most. (Note 2)  The combo that Coach Sam-A did in this fight which leads to a final KO has 13 movements, which includes punches, kicks, knee strikes to different parts of the opponent’s body.  I have seen quite a few Muay Thai and Kickboxing fights and I had never seen something like that.  The combo was so smooth and effortlessly done.  It's so beautiful to watch.  I have watched it many times and I am still amazed by it every time. It is quite remarkable and beautiful. Famous martial arts analyst, Lawrence Kenshin specially made a video to analyze this combo. (See above video)  Maybe I am a bit biased, but I hadn't seen anything like this.

When I was learning Muay Thai with Coach Sam-A early this year, we had talked about his retirement fight. In October, there was a rumor about Coach Sam-A is going to fight Saenchai in December and this would be his retirement fight.  The notion of a fight between two great Muay Thai legends made many fans so excited.  However, it turned out it was a mistake.  These two were in two different weight class; Sam-A is 125 LB. and Saenchai is 135LB.  But, they will fight on the same card with different opponents.  I wish Coach Sam-A has another spectacular fight in December to end a brilliant professional career.

Note 1. Top 10 Muay Thai Fighters You Should Know

Note 2. Link to the complete fight.

Note 3. Another beautiful combo to watch is from Gokhan Saki, also known as "Turkish Tyson."   Following is the link to the analysis of that comb.